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Professor Malpass and the Eyewitness Laboratory provide:
  • Consultation for police and other justice agencies in the development and application of model eyewitness identification procedures.
  • Trial consultation services for the evaluation of eyewitness identifications and identification procedures.

The following pages introduce the problem of lineup fairness and means of measuring two aspects of fairness. It is probably best to go through in the order below, but you can sample as you wish.

1st lineup: an introductory example of an unfair lineup.

2nd lineup: A further example of an unfair lineup.

General principles of lineup fairness, with citations to the basic research literature on the subject.

Some Background on Lineup Fairness quotes from Malpass, Tredoux & McQuiston-Surrett on the origin and rationale of lineups.

Lineup Fairness as Procedural Safeguard discusses the background of the safeguard and some implications.

Evaluating lineup fairness: a description of the ways in which lineup fairness is quantified and studied, with examples of calculations, on-line calculation, and downloadable spreadsheets for your own use.

3rd lineup: Tony Ford Lineup: a description of our evaluation of the identification procedure in the Tony Ford case.

4th lineup: Ethnic categorization has a role in lineup fairness.

5th lineup: The importance of photo choice is an illustration of the importance of getting the right photo into a lineup.

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