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 Lineup Evaluation Procedure

A color copy of the lineup used by the El Paso Police Department was provided to us.  This copy was scanned into our computer and used in this evaluation.

We displayed the composite verbal description to 40 new Hispanic participants of college age, and subsequently asked them to examine the photospread and identify the police suspect. These mock witnesses were each seated individually in front of a computer screen.  The following instructions were displayed to them:

First Screen.

"Thank you for agreeing to participate in this experiment.  We will explain the purpose of the study once we have finished.  We are going to ask you to read a description of a person.  Please read this description carefully.  You will be asked to choose the person who best matches the description."

Second Screen.

"Person description: African American male in his early 20’s with dark hair, an oval face and broad forehead.  Small, dark eyes and thin eyebrows.  A wide nose, thick lips and small, protruding ears."

Third Screen

"In a moment you will be asked to view a photographic lineup.  Please choose the lineup member that best matches the description you just read."

Following this instruction the lineup was displayed, and participants used the computer mouse to click on the lineup position number of their choice.

The lineup is displayed on the following page. See if you can determine which of the 6 individuals is Mr. Ford.


Tony Ford Intro | Tony Ford Lineup

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